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Byte Bistro is a Blogging playground for me, Nick

I use this blog as a place to test different things, like writing helpful blogs, AI BS, fun scripts, etc.

Original mission

I wanted to create a blog and newsletter that was actually helpful. I didnt have anything to gain or prove, I just wanted to make something that was interesting. I especially like playing with AI generated content in new and less obvious ways.

New Stuff

I want to make this into a platform for me to share my tech experiments and ideas into the void, or at the very least, to hackernews.

Origninally, I created this just to see what the most basic SEO could achieve. So yeah, not proud of a lot of the early content. Moving forward, I want this to actualyl reflect more of what I am interested in. I will make an effort to make these bytes of data meaningful and useful.

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