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  • April 29 2024

    5 Game Jam Tips from an old Pro

    In my experience, there are 5 learnings that I wanted to share. These can help in places outside of jams, especially in the context of the professional world.

  • April 20 2024

    Game Jams How I developed a dynamically generated track

    Game Jam Series 1, track design

  • April 10 2024

    How To Host your Jam Game on the web in 2024

    Awesome, you made a game! Now what?

  • February 2 2024

    No BS Overview of AI

    My own personal approach to what AI means and what applications it realistically can be best applied for.

  • January 10 2024

    Revisiting My GPT-Powered Resume Writer

    I took another crack at my resume writer to write more accurately and also include a cover letter

  • December 12 2023

    Webscraping and me

    Mine all of the data you could ever want with webscraping!

  • October 29 2023

    AI Generated Stories

    These are terrible, AI isn't a great author.

  • September 12 2023

    Rivals of Enchantment

    A thrilling tale of magic, rivalry, and self-discovery set within the grandeur of the prestigious Arcanum Academy.

  • September 11 2023

    Shattered Antiquity

    An unnerving exploration of a man's psyche as he unravels his fragmented memories and forgotten identity, trapped within the eerie confines of an abandoned underground bunker.

  • September 10 2023

    Neon Nights

    In a dystopian future, where neon-lit mega-cities are ruled by omnipotent, sentient technology, a cyberpunk rebel seeks to topple the system. His existence within the grey lines of society and the cybernetic world proves the catalyst for extraordinary change against the oppressive machines.

  • September 9 2023

    The Veiled Lady of WhiteChapel

    In the darkened streets of London, a young scholar finds himself entwined in a complex web of intrigue, deception, and unspeakable secrets. Between the rooms of academia and the shady dens of London's underworld, he will discover the mystifying case of the Veiled Lady of WhiteChapel.

  • September 7 2023

    Iron Bloom in the Midst of Ruin

    A gripping tale of resilience and sacrifice set against the somber backdrop of World War II. The story unfurls through the eyes of a battalion of soldiers seeking redemption amidst the ruins while epitomizing the power of human spirit in times of unparalleled adversity.

  • August 29 2023

    Betrayal Among the Bounties

    A thrilling Caribbean adventure involving clandestine pirates, hidden treasures, deceptions, and treachery. As loyalty blurs into betrayal, can the daring pirate protagonist find the treasure and survive the treachery of his duplicitous crew?

  • August 14 2023

    Starlight Valor

    Amidst a grandiose intergalactic war, a hero rises. Set in a sweeping cosmic battleground brimming with danger and uncertainty, Starlight Valor introduces us to our resilient protagonist. Buckle up as this enthralling space opera thrusts you into a journey of audacious heroism, unexpected alliances, and ultimate triumph.

  • August 11 2023

    The Quaint Tale of the Mysterious Novel

    Tucked away within a charming, sleepy village, a curious mystery unfolds in the local library. This first-person narrative presents a wholesome investigation, threaded with laughter, friendship and the love of books.

  • August 10 2023

    Ascendancy Shadow

    A thrilling dive into the near future on Earth, where darkness looms as humanity stands on the brink of a revolutionary scientific advancement. In the midst of chaos, an unlikely hero arises. This paradoxical tale combines the foreboding elements of a dystopian future with an unyielding undercurrent of hope.

  • August 8 2023

    Advanced JavaScript - Walkthrough From Language to Platform

    Dive deep into the world of JavaScript explore its dynamics as a language, its role in computer science, and its capabilities as a high-level language.

  • August 4 2023

    Your Gateway to Agile Nirvana

    Empower your agile management strategy to reach its zenith with our expert insights on regression testing, orchestration, version control, and more. Stay ahead, stay informed.

  • July 26 2023

    Revealing Ruby. A Starter Guide

    Up-to-date insights and resources to master Ruby programming, development and its popular frameworks like Ruby on Rails.

  • July 25 2023

    The Jungle of JavaScript Frameworks

    A comprehensive guide for every coder who loves venturing into the world of JavaScript frameworks, comparing them, understanding their benefits and more.

  • July 17 2023

    Unleashing CI/CD

    Dive into the bustling world of CI/CD with our engaging blog. Explore Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, and DevOps practices in a digestible manner.

  • July 14 2023

    Unleashing Front-end Superpowers

    An exuberant exploration into the critical skills every front-end developer needs to master.

  • July 13 2023

    Essential ASP.NET Techniques - Guiding Your Development

    Exhilarating insight into ASP.NET's best practices, coding guidelines, performance optimization and crucial security measures for efficient web development

  • July 10 2023

    Reaping CMS Rewards A Nerd's Guide To CMS Wonders

    Looking into the superlative advantages and mighty benefits of using a Content Management System (CMS) in web development.

  • July 6 2023

    Mastering Web Development with GraphQL

    Dive into the transformative benefits of using GraphQL. Enhanced data fetching, solid typing, timely updates, and efficient API calls.

  • July 3 2023

    Unleashing jQuery - The Web Developer's Magic Wand

    Enhance your web development skills with jQuery, use it in harmony with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ajax, and Bootstrap

  • July 1 2023

    Unveiling Unity3D's Upward Trend in Programming

    Leap into the captivating world of Unity3D, the buzzword in the programming panorama. Explore its rising popularity, immersive features, and why it matters for programmers.

  • June 29 2023

    Unity Faceoff. 2D or 4D for Your First Game

    Unravel the mysteries of game dimensions in Unity! Dive into the features, challenges, and benefits of 2D & 4D in your first project. Choose wisely!

  • June 27 2023

    Mobile First Design in 2023

    In a world dominated by our pocket-sized devices, it's essential that our websites cater to their needs first.

  • June 26 2023

    React And Typscript Quickstart

    React and TypeScript have become staples in the world of modern web development. Individually, they bring various advantages to the table, but when combined, they make a powerful duo.

  • June 25 2023

    Riding the Wave of React Native

    Ueact Native is a popular, open-source framework that allows developers to build mobile apps for iOS and Android using a single codebase. Created by Facebook, it's been growing rapidly since its introduction in 2015.

  • June 24 2023

    Your SEO Strategy with Pytrends. The Secret Tool for Savvy Programmers

    Unleash the power of pytrends, a hidden gem in the Python library that enhances your SEO endeavors by leveraging Google Trends' data.

  • June 24 2023

    What is VUI?

    Voice User Interfaces (VUI) are becoming an essential part of our everyday lives, and developers need to be prepared for this new era.

  • June 20 2023

    Building High-Performance ReactJS Apps Next.js, Hooks & Top Libraries

    how to create efficient and scalable applications using **Next.js**, **Hooks**, and other essential libraries

  • June 19 2023

    Stay Ahead of the Curve with these 3 New Web Features

    Exploring Popover, Container Queries, and Array.at() as the newest web features to enhance your development skills.

  • June 16 2023

    5 Essential Visual Studio Code Plugins for Web Developers

    Discover the 5 must-have Visual Studio Code plugins that will take your web development skills to the next level and save you loads of time!

  • June 14 2023

    When & Why to Choose a Static Site Generator

    Explore the world of static site generators, when to use them, and how they can benefit your web development projects.

  • June 13 2023

    Supercharge Your App Deployment with Netlify

    Learn how to use Netlify for speedy app deployment and stress-free maintenance, so you can focus on what matters most.

  • Jun 11 2023

    Flutter Google's Revolutionary Mobile Development Framework

    Flutter is a free, open-source mobile application development framework created by Google. Designed for both iOS and Android, Flutter allows developers to build natively compiled applications using a single codebase.

  • June 10 2023

    Crafting the Perfect Resume with AI Assistance

    Are you tired of spending hours trying to write the perfect resume for a job opportunity? Are you unsure which experiences and skills to highlight? Look no further! In this article, we will explore a code snippet that utilizes the power of AI to generate a tailored resume based on specific criteria. By leveraging OpenAI's GPT-4 model and a few lines of code, you can have a polished resume in no time.

  • May 30 2023

    Meet Hydrogen. Streamline Your eCommerce with this React Powerhouse

    Ready to get a kick out of the latest JS framework designed explicitly for the eCommerce universe? Say hello to **Hydrogen**! This state-of-the-art framework, built on React, turbocharges the development of lightning-fast online stores that cater to the exact needs of your users.

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